Yantai TiBright Welding Materials Co., Ltd.


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TiBright was started from laboratory in 1996 and founded in 2000. TiBright is the first one who specialized in brazing materials in China and the pioneer started product formulas from very basic research. With hundreds of products, TiBright has become a professional developer and international supplier of inclusive brazing materials, equipment, and consultant.



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Customer Review

It is really like what you said, I am lucky to choose TiBright brazing flux.

Mr. Regis Pandolfo from Chile

Shao, thank you for your support, our customers like these brazing alloy paste very much.

Mr. Tommy Bexar from Switzerland

Now I know well about the profit of self-fluxing wires, they reduce post braze cleaning and secondary finishing operations.

Mr. Josué CAZELIF from Puerto Rico