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Brazing Flux

Brazing flux is critical to the brazing and soldering process because it minimizes the oxidation that may form on both the brazing filler metal and the materials being joined. Numerous formulations of flux are available for virtually all metal joining operations.

Brazing Filler Metal

A variety of alloys are used as filler metals for brazing depending on the intended use or application method with available forms of rod, wire, strip, ring, powder, paste, and other preforms.

Self-Fluxing Brazing

Combination of flux and filler metal eliminates the need for a separate manual fluxing operation, which can result in a significant increase in productivity while minimizing waste ad flux exposure to your personnel and plant equipment.

Brazing Alloy Paste

Brazing alloy paste is a brazing material consists of brazing alloy powder with binders mixed carrier. It is mostly applied in brazing with furnace. It can provide high efficiency, low waste, and automotive application for the brazing process.

Soldering Materials

Soldering materials work under temperature lower than 450. Similar to brazing, soldering generally needs flux and filler metal. Flux is often provided in paste and liquid forms. Filler metal is often provided in paste, wire, flux cored wire forms. The most common compositions in fluxes are organic compound, chloride salt, and fluoride salt. The most common compositions in soldering filler metals are Zinc, Tin, Lead, Silver, and Aluminum.

Brazing Tools

To perform a brazing process various tools and equipment are applied. There are some examples: brazing blow torch, liquid gas flux vaporizer, brazing furnace, brazing paste dispensing system, automotive wire feeder, induction heater, cleaning tools, cooling system, flash-back arrestor, clamps, fixture, etc.

Brazing Chemical Agents

Brazing material is an inclusive innovation-oriented technology. Other than the flux and filler metal, which directly work on the metal, there are also chemical agents which play critical role. For example, binders can hold powder/particle materials to become paste or slurry. In brazing application, the performance of dispensable paste highly depends on the quality and function of binders.