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Address: Qingdao Rd. Taocun Industry Park, Qixia, Yantai, Shandong, China
Tel : 86-0535-2160017
Wechat : 15098651010
Mail : info@TiBright.com

TiBright Information

        Yantai TiBright Welding Materials was started from laboratory in 1996 and founded in 2000. Tibright is the first one who specialized in brazing materials in China. The pioneer started product formulas from very basic research. With hundreds of products, TiBright has become a professional developer and international supplier of inclusive brazing materials, equipment, and consultant.
        As we focus on brazing materials, our main products are brazing fluxes, brazing alloys, self fluxing brazing alloys, brazing alloy paste, and brazing tools. We make brazing alloys with main compositions of silver, copper, aluminum, nickel, chromium, zinc, tin, manganese, etc. We also make fluxes and binder agents for these alloys. 
        Since 2010, our research Team has been focusing on the brazing alloy powder and paste as well as the self-fluxing alloys, such as flux coated wires and rings, flux cored wires and rings and alloy paste with or without flux. 
In the year 2015, TiBright was asked to be the first draftsman of the industry standard of China "JB 6045-2015, Fluxes for Brazing" and attended the drafting work of many standards as expertise. TiBright’s research team members apply for patents and publish research articles on academia periodicals every year. By 2016, TiBright has been authorized 15 patents. 
        Our main current customers are in dozens of different industries, such as radiator, compressor, air conditioner, refrigerator, electric, eye glasses, auto parts, cutting tools, kitchen and bathing, medical instruments, nuclear station, and so on. Our famous customers include Haier, Gree, Media, Siemens, Sanhua, and so on.